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8 amazing facts you never knew about One Piece
One Piece is the predecessor of modern anime. The popular series has been beloved by fans for over 2 decades. It strengthened its foothold in the industry after the long period of stagnation, ending in...
17+ Anime Girls that go Mask Off (but with the Mask On)
Masks are one of the most iconic accessories in anime. They add an extra layer of mystery to some of the already most complex characters. They are often used to conceal someone’s identity. But they can...
11 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Gintoki From Gintama [+bonus]
Hideaki Sorachi’s Gintama is widely known as the funniest manga and anime series to ever exist. Having sold over 50 million copies across the globe, you know it’s gotta be good. It’s jam-packed...
White-hair-red-eye-anime-boys copy
Top 23+ Mysterious Anime Boys with White Hair and Red Eyes
Traditionally, we associate white hair with old age and the wisdom that comes from it. Red eyes, of course, would represent evil or demonic forces. But in anime, this combination can mean so much more....
funny death note parodies references
All of the Different Death Note References in Anime
The Death Note series focuses on a high school student who has discovered a supernatural notebook. This book allows him to kill any person, just by writing their names inside it while thinking of that...
Hyouka - Beauty In The Mundane
Nowadays, supernatural occurrences bring out little to no emotions in people. A man of the XXI century likes to think rationally, and can easily find logical answers to the questions that are bothering...

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