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Ultimate Guide On When To Drop An Anime
There’s nothing worse than being disappointed. (Just ask my dad.) All your friends are talking about this new anime. Memes about the latest episode are spread all over the internet. You are excited to...
Top 13 Anime Tomboy Characters We Wouldn’t Mind Hanging Out With
Let’s face it, talking to girls is hard. They always wear cute clothes and it seems like they’re interested in things you never heard of. It’s understandable that you might feel a bit intimidated. But...
Is Black Clover Worth Your Watch?
People hold a strong prejudice for certain types of media. If one person says that they don’t like something, it can easily start an avalanche, gathering more and more haters for any kind of piece of work,...
Human Music [Carole & Tuesday Review]
Carole & Tuesday is an anime about producing and publishing music. The show takes a unique approach towards the genre of music. It shows us a world in which music has lost most of its value.  Music...
Is Pokemon Unite Just Another Pay-To-Win Cash Grab?
Pokemon Unite is the brand new Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that just recently went live on Nintendo Switch. This game flew under the radar of many Pokemon fans, but its release has caused quite...
17+ Anime Girls that go Mask Off (but with the Mask On)
Masks are one of the most iconic accessories in anime. They add an extra layer of mystery to some of the already most complex characters. They are often used to conceal someone’s identity. But they can...

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