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Drop Everything. Here Are 5 Anime Series You Need To Watch Before The End Of 2021
People are always surfing through the internet in search of good anime according to their interests. No worries cause we have got you covered as the “Top 5 Anime” of mixed genres are right before you....
12 Orphans That Really Led The Charge In Anime
The personality of anime characters depends a lot on their childhood and how they are brought up. It will define their entire future and if they will turn good or evil. Similarly, we have seen many orphan...
Best Anime Memes from 2018
Memes are an integral part of life. They provide much-needed humor in our lives. The same can be said for anime. So when the two come together, it’s a magical experience. It’s sort of like...
Top 13 Anime Tomboy Characters We Wouldn’t Mind Hanging Out With
Let’s face it, talking to girls is hard. They always wear cute clothes and it seems like they’re interested in things you never heard of. It’s understandable that you might feel a bit intimidated. But...
funny death note parodies references
All of the Different Death Note References in Anime
The Death Note series focuses on a high school student who has discovered a supernatural notebook. This book allows him to kill any person, just by writing their names inside it while thinking of that...
Anime Girls Masked Up for the Covid Pandemic. [PFP Gallery at the end]
Face masks in anime are a common sight in anime. This should come as no surprise, as they are very prevalent in Japanese culture. With everyone feeling the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, I thought we’d...

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