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Ultimate Guide On When To Drop An Anime
There’s nothing worse than being disappointed. (Just ask my dad.) All your friends are talking about this new anime. Memes about the latest episode are spread all over the internet. You are excited to...
top-romantic-vampire-anime copy
Top 17 Romantic Anime With Vampires That Will Leave Your Heart Racing
Everyone knows that the best vampire anime is one that will leave your heart racing. Toss in a dash of romance and your heart will start beating straight out of your chest.  What is it about the two...
funny death note parodies references
All of the Different Death Note References in Anime
The Death Note series focuses on a high school student who has discovered a supernatural notebook. This book allows him to kill any person, just by writing their names inside it while thinking of that...
50+ Anime Hi Gifs. The Perfect Wave To Say Hello
Here’s the thing. You log into discord and you want to address your arrival. But you want something a bit more classy than the standard hello. So you go for the classic anime hi gif. The problem? You’ve...
Drop Everything. Here Are 5 Anime Series You Need To Watch Before The End Of 2021
People are always surfing through the internet in search of good anime according to their interests. No worries cause we have got you covered as the “Top 5 Anime” of mixed genres are right before you....
5 Facts Fans May Not Know About Cowboy Bebop
If there is one anime that single-handedly spread its influence in the western media, it has to be Cowboy Bebop. The show was released at a critical time, just when anime had begun to popularize across...

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