Top 23+ Mysterious Anime Boys with White Hair and Red Eyes

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Traditionally, we associate white hair with old age and the wisdom that comes from it. Red eyes, of course, would represent evil or demonic forces. But in anime, this combination can mean so much more. Anime boys with white hair and red eyes are often the most mysterious. 

They can range from cold intellectuals to kind and innocent. They might be vampires or beings filled with divine and angelic energy. 

But no matter what they are, they are always on the extreme edge of the spectrum. When you see an anime character with white hair and red eyes, you know they fully embrace their destiny and ideals. 

Perhaps this is exactly the reason they seem so strange and mysterious to us? It drives us to explore deeper into their lore, to find out precisely what makes them tick. 

Let’s take this chance to explore some of the top anime boys with white hair and red eyes that we can’t help but want to learn more about.

Juuzou Suzuya from Tokyo Ghoul

Juuzou Suzuya bending backwords to show off his white hair and red eyes.

Juuzou has one of the coolest character designs. The pale skin, red eyes, and white hair, all tied together with his red hairpins that form the roman numeral XIII for 13. 

Juuzou self-stitches his own body as a form of personal body modification. So don’t be surprised when you see red threads stitched in an x pattern down his body.
It might be a little creepy, but that doesn’t stop this ghoul from ranking top 6 in the Official Tokyo Ghoul character popularity poll.

Accelerator from A Certain Magical Index

Accelerator holding a finger to his mouth.

Accelerator has an ability that blocks ultraviolet rays, thus preventing his body from producing melanin. In fact, this power reduces outside influence so much, it causes a hormone imbalance, giving him his androgynous appearance. 

He is one of the most powerful espers in Academy City. Accelerator uses his powers over vector changes in creatives way on his journey to reach level 6 status. 

Fans of the Elsword game might notice Add has a shocking resemblance. While they both share the same voice actor, the creators of the Korean MMORPG confirm this was unintentional. 

Nai from Karneval

Nai with big red eyes stretching his hand to the sky.

Nai suffers from albinism, which explains his alabaster skin, hair, and red eyes. He is very naïve, often helping those in need and being extremely loyal to anyone he considers a friend. 

Nai is actually confirmed to be half Niji, a rare forest creature with a heightened sense of hearing. 

He also loves playing hide-and-seek with the sheep in the carnival. Sadly, Nai’s first kiss was taken by a sheep that randomly jumped out at him. Sorry ladies, you’ll have to settle for seconds.

Aru Akise from Future Diary

Aru Akise looking unamused.

The intelligent Aru dreams big of one day being a world-famous detective. After receiving the Detective Diary, he can use it to read the predictions of the other Diaries and their actions. 

Deus (the God of Time and Space) created Aru, bestowing him with his inquisitive personality and making him highly resistant to injury. 

This makes him very similar to Nagisa Kaworu from the Evangelion series. Both have white hair, red eyes, holy origins, and are even voiced by the same person.

Bell Cranel from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Bell Cranel smiling with white hair and red eyes like a rabbit.

Rabbits also have white fur and red eyes, which can also be said of Bell Cranel. At level 4, his alias even changed to Rabbit Foot.

Bell is a kind and brave soul that cares deeply for his Familia and those close to him. But this wasn’t always the case.

His original reason for becoming an adventurer was to pick up girls and starting a harem.

Prussia from Hetalia

Prussia chuckling and asking others to praise his greatness.

Prussia is extremely arrogant, always looking to convince others how “awesome” he is. Though skilled at cleaning and gardening, many can find him to be annoying. 

He has a pet chick, Gilbird, who frequently sits on top of his head. 

Prussia was originally depicted with dark blond hair. But over the years, his hair has gotten lighter, from a platinum blond all the way to white.

Soul Evans from Soul Eater

Soul Evans wearing a fancy suit with a red shirt that matches his eyes.

Soul is a human that can shape-shift into a demon scythe. His soul is light blue with the top resembling his white hair, and also functions as the Soul Eater series logo. 

Soul Evans comes from an extremely rich family of musicians and is a talented piano player. Once he discovered he was a Demon Weapon, he was able to escape his family to focus on his abilities.

Shion from No.6

Shion with his white hair flowing in the wind.

Shion was originally born with brown hair and brown eyes but later changed to white hair and red eyes because of a parasitic wasp.

He’s extremely intelligent and idealistic, but at times, can be naïve. 

Fans of Shounen Ai and BL should definitely check out No. 6.

Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Kaworu smiling as his white hair and shirt flow in the wing.

Next, we have the very mysterious Kaworu Nagisa. You can think of him kind of like an angel that inhabits a human body. 

He’s smart and charismatic, so along with this anime boy’s white hair and red eyes, he quickly became a fan favorite of the show.

Mihai Florescu from Kemono Jihen

Mihai the white haired vampire thinking.

This self-centered vampire named Mihai is a member of a Detective Agency. Like most vampires, his eyes are down-turned and have a deep red hue, along with sharp teeth and pointy ears.

Mihai wears a gray sweatshirt with matching sweatpants, with gaming headphones around his neck. So basically what I wear every day.

Though, he chooses to never wear underpants because “he doesn’t believe in them.”

Hajime Nagumo from Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Hajime duel wielding magical pistols.

In the anime world, you can’t get much edgier than white hair, red eyes, AND an eyepatch.

It all started when Hajime was betrayed by one of his classmates, leaving him isolated in the abyss. He had to consume monster meat just to survive, which turned him into a powerful and sadistic anti-hero. 

Hajime no longers considers himself human and continues his journey to become the strongest ever to enact his ruthless revenge.

Gintoki from Gintama

Gintoki showing off his big red eyes.

Gintoki, or perhaps more appropriately known as Shiroyasha “White Demon” for this post, is a highly skilled samurai. But really, he is more than that. Gintoki and the Gintama series are an experience.

Gintoki works as the leader of Yorozuya, a handyman shop that does odd jobs. This allows the story and its characters to get into all sorts of mischief in a number of different places. Something the show does in spades.
Big fan of Gintama? Why not check out these fun facts about Gintoki?

Xerxes Break from Pandora Hearts

Break embracing himself and smirking.

Break is also referred to by his Pandora alias “Mad Hatter”, and serves as a mentor and quest giver to the main protagonists in the show.

He has short white hair and one red eye on the right, having his left eye taken from him. 

Break loves sweets and cakes, much like the traditional Mad Hatter.

Shuuya Kano from Mekakucity Actors

Kano removing his mask and smirking with red eyes.

Kano is a member of the Mekakushi Dan, an organization of people with snake-like eye abilities. His particular ability is Deceiving Eyes, allows him to change the perception of how others view him.

Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist

The Scarred Man looking aggressive with crimson eyes.

The Scarred Man is a vigilante that lives by a religious code. Looking to avenge his family and other Ishvalans.

Scar is a brute, consumed with hatred for those that destroyed his homeland, all too eager to dish out some divine punishment.

Pluto from Black Butler

Pluto the white haired demon hound, biting a treat in his human form.

Dear Plu-Plu is actually a demon hound that has the ability to take on a human form. In this form, he has silver hair, red eyes, and black toenails. 

Pluto spends most of his time in the nude since he frequently changes between his human and dog forms.

Though he never speaks, we still think he is a very good boy.

Yūma Kuga from World Trigger

Yūma healing a wound around his red eye.

At age 11, it is said that his body stopped growing because it was made of trion, the biological energy source that provides power to a Trigger’s abilities. Along with his white hair, it’s an easy connection to his nickname the “White Midget”.

Yūma is laid back and logical, though he is inexperienced with Japanese customs since he is from another world.

Jonathan Mar “Jonah” from Jormungand

Jonah looking unsatisfied.

Jonah was a child soldier, who rarely smiled and tends to keep to himself.

I think one of the best things about his character design is that Jonah is portrayed as so mature for his age. Yet, he still has some naivety that only a kid in that situation could. 

One such example is his fear of needles. This caused him to put off having surgery to get a bullet removed from his butt until his commander forced him to do so to avoid setting off metal detectors. 

Jonah is extremely popular in the Jormungand fandom, voted as the second most popular character in a poll from Sunday GX in 2012.

Ferid Bathory from Seraph of the End

Lord Ferid walking down a hallway.

Lord Ferid is a pure vampire and a handsome one at that, evident by his red eyes, white hair, and pointy ears. 

He is carefree, confident, and conceited. Even provoking those who are stronger or with the means to kill a vampire.

Ferid is the type of character you hate at first, but soon fall in love with.

Samatoki Aohitsugi from Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima

Samatoki with his hand raised to his chin.

Samatoki, has a bit of a sister complex, with his little sister being the main reason he became yakuza. During rap battles, he goes by his MC Name, Mr. Hc, for Mister Hardcore.

He tends to be laid back, capable of getting along with anyone. That is, until you piss him off, which makes him angry and quick to fight.

Shiro Fujimoto from Blue Exorcist

Shiro performing an exercism, causing a white glare in his glasses to hide his red eyes.

Shiro is an exorcist, with powers capable of fighting demons. And he’s a darn good one at that, using his mastery over combat to protect others.

When he was younger, he was cold-hearted and a bit of a womanizer. Now, in his older age, becoming a father has imparted him with patience and wisdom. 

Evelogia from Reincarnated Into Demon King Evelogia’s World

Gozu grabbing the shoulders of the white hair and red eyes Evelogia.

Fans of Yaoi will be happy to see this series on the list. Evelogia, more often referred to as Eve, is the demon king.

Eve is rescued by Gozu, an isekai’d assassin that decides to save him instead, vowing to protect him from his fated death by the hero.

Shu Kurenai from Beyblade Burst

Shu wearing a black suit, accented with red to match his eyes.

Shu has a scar across his right eye, but his shaggy white hair often covers it. He is very calm and calculating, making him a legendary blader.

Shu can be quite stubborn at times, even pushing through a shoulder injury so he could train for his upcoming matches.

Also, he is a great cook!

Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter

Neferpitou smiling with his red eyes and white hair.

Pitou is a cat-humanoid chimera with white wavy hair, ears, and a tail.  

Neferpitou was extremely loyal, and like a cat, was very curious and would sometimes get distracted. Pito also liked to play with their enemies, just like a cat does with its prey. 

Most instances regard Neferpitou as he or use male pronouns when referencing the character. However, in the anime, the character has a much more feminine figure.

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