Top 17 Romantic Anime With Vampires That Will Leave Your Heart Racing

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Everyone knows that the best vampire anime is one that will leave your heart racing. Toss in a dash of romance and your heart will start beating straight out of your chest. 

What is it about the two that just seem to go hand-in-hand with each other? Something dark and mysterious combined with something even more mysterious. I can never seem to get enough of them.

Ever stare up at the ceiling (or the roof of your coffin) and wonder “What are the most romantic vampire anime in existence?” Well, look no further, you’ll love this list of top romance anime with vampires with no spoilers! 

And remember; just because vampires are known for sucking blood doesn’t mean that they can’t get their own happily ever after.

1. Devils’ Line

Is it wrong that I fell in love with this anime? The series focuses on a world that is a never-ending battle between good and evil, humans and demons. 

No one understands this struggle more so than Anzai. He is a devil who lives on earth but doesn’t drink human blood because he wants to use his power for good.

A human girl, Taira, ends up getting attacked and subsequently protected multiple times by Anzai. Their relationship grows and the love affair soon becomes a dangerous one. The two have to cope not just with the harsh judgment of those around them, but also with the blood-lust of devils who are out for their own kill!

2. Vampire Knight

Yuki Cross is part of a disciplinary committee at Cross Academy, whose job is to monitor the Day and Night class. There’s just one surprise- the gorgeous students in the Night Class are actually vampires.

Now Yuki must be a guardian and prevent those same bloodthirsty vampires from hunting on humans. As fate would have it, she falls for one of the pureblood vampire Kaname Kuran.

But the twists don’t stop there. Easily, the best character of the series is Zero Kiryuu who claims to have a hatred over the same vampires he guards. He, of course, isn’t without his own secrets and a certain charm that may just enchant Yuki and you.

3. Diabolik Lovers

If you’re looking for something that will keep your heart racing faster than a bullet train, then Diabolik Lovers is the anime to watch. At first glance, this anime might not seem like it has any romance, but trust us when we say there is plenty of love between brothers! 

Diabolik Lovers features six very unique brothers who have a voracious appetite for sucking blood and falling in love with their new bride, Yui Komori. She starts to question why her father would send her to such a predicament, but with each vampire brother being more sadistic than the last, she quickly falls into madness.

If you want to get your blood pumping six times faster, you won’t find a better romance anime, let alone one with vampires.

4. Blood Lad 

If it’s a romantic anime with vampires in it you are looking for, Blood Lad is sure to please. Staz Charlie Blood, born in the Demon World and rules with an iron fist as a merciless monster. Or at least, that is what everyone thinks of this blood-hungry king. 

In reality, all that matters to Staz the vampire is anime characters and Japanese culture. He’ll stick to his Otaku business while his underlings handle the management of his territory.  In fact, nothing could pull him away from reading manga or playing video games. Nothing, except a Japanese girl who accidentally wanders into the demon world. 

As fate would have it, Staz’s territory becomes under attack, resulting in the untimely death of this mysterious girl. Now he will do whatever it takes back to bring her back to life. 

Romance and vampires in anime can sometimes lead to a series being overly serious. If you want some comedy mixed in, this is an anime recommendation you can’t miss. 

5. Dance With Devils

In every school, there always seems to be something off about the student council. The way they can control everything is devilish, to say the least. 

Ritsuka Tachibana would have to agree, especially when she gets summoned by the student council and finds out they are actually devils. They think of her as a troublemaker, but it soon becomes clear they are going to be more trouble for her than anything. 

The world is a mystery, filled with vampires and secrets. But if in the end, you wind up with a harem of handsome edgy male devils, it might just be worth it.

6. Monogatari

I’ve always been a huge fan of studio Shaft, and they did not disappoint with the Monogatari series. The details that go into the environments are well thought out, bringing to life the different locations.

But what goes super hard are the characters. This is the type of anime that gets psychological with you. You share in the character’s stories and their struggles and it gives you your own revelations throughout the journey. Anime like this are always some of my favorites.

Koyomi Araragi barely survived a vampire attack, but the effects from the encounter still persist in some ways. He can see in the dark and heals quickly but suffers no ill effect from sunlight. Despite being laid back, he’s always willing to sacrifice himself to help those close around him. Causing many girls in his circles to fall for him. 

There are plenty of ecchi and harem moments in this anime. But even if you aren’t into those, the story and dialogue will make it worthwhile. Trust me!

7. Dance in the Vampire Bund

You may think vampires are fiction, but they’re not. Agitated with recent events in Japan that will lead their ruler to announce the existence of vampires worldwide; many want Mina Tepes’s announcement stopped at all costs.

Not only has it been a secret kept by vampirekind for millennia, its exposure threatens rival factions and other terrorist organizations who also do not approve. 

Enter Akira Kuburagi, one person charged with protecting the vampire queen’s well-being at all costs. A task he’s been sworn to since birth. 

Lucky for him, he’s part werewolf, so his ability to regenerate comes in handy as Mina’s bodyguard. Together they get closer and share in a bond that’s much closer than queen and protector. 

8. Blood+

The Japan that Saya Otonashi knows is a land where humans live out a normal life. That is, until she is attacked at school by a bloodthirsty creature of the night. 

In her greatest time of need, a strange man named Haji shows up, forcing her to drink his blood, giving Saya the ability to defeat the abomination that attacked. 

As the story progresses, Saya learns more about her past, and that she shared a deeper connection with Haji than she could ever have expected. One watch of the Blood+ anime will leave you tingling with the romance that blossoms between the two vampires.

9. Karin

Most vampires suck blood. But Karin Maaka is anything but most vampires. She suffers from polycythemia, which causes her to produce excessive amounts of blood, resulting in frequent nosebleeds. 

This anime is a solid romantic comedy series. If you like that genre, you’ll like this series. Even with the addition of vampires, the show doesn’t really seem to try and break the mold.

The best part of the series is the relationship between the two characters. For whatever reason, they just work.

10. Actually, I am… (Jitsu wa Watashi wa)

This anime follows Asahi Kuromine, a high school student with some pretty enormous problems. He has been crushing on Youko Shiragami for as long as he can remember.

Just as Asahi is about to confess his love, he discovers she is secretly a vampire and, per her father’s rules; she has to quit school to keep the family safe. Asahi makes her a promise that he will keep the secret safe, so she isn’t forced to leave.

There’s just one problem, Asahi Kuromine is a man who can not lie.

As soon as word gets around campus about what’s going down at school (including how adorable the two of them are together), all sorts of new creatures start showing and hilarity ensues.

11. Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu

After World War II, the most powerful nations of the globe finally turned their attention to space. All countries are desperate for any kind of advantage in this new playing field. 

Who knows how far the ambitions of other counties will push them or if they can be trusted.

Leaving chief Gergiev with little choice but to announce the “Nosferatu Project”. An experiment that will result in vampires being the first astronauts before risking humankind. 

Lev Leps is given the top-secret mission to train the first vampiric test subject, Irina. Their relationship grows ever closer as they both set their eyes on the stars and each other.

12. Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase

Hazuki is a vampire girl with cat ears who is sealed up in an ancient castle. She wants to get out of there ASAP, so when she notices freelance photographer Kouhei sneaking around, she gives him a little nibble.

Her hope was for Kouhei to become her slave, fulling her every command to help her escape the castle. But to their surprise, he is unaffected by her bite. Despite all odds, they escape the castle together, and set off on an adventure where their story isn’t over yet…

And by adventure, we mean she moves into his house!

Hazuki is always at this throat (literally), but since she can’t control him, she gets rather frustrated. As you can imagine, they live a tempestuous relationship that ever so slightly turns into a romantic one.

13. Fortune Arterial

Kouhei Hasekura has grown up constantly moving from school to school and never getting close to anyone. Now he has been given the opportunity to go to a six-year school located on an island offshore from Japan. 

One thing he doesn’t want to do is fall in love and get caught up in a mystery with a normal girl. Lucky for him, in Fortune Arterial, the girl he meets is actually a vampire and anything but normal. 

Vampire and student council vice president Erika Sendo does her best to avoid Kouhei, because she actually likes him. (and the smell of his blood drives her wild!) 

One night, he offers his blood to Erika. Ever since she has been able to lower her guard and get closer to Kouhei. 

If romance and vampires are on your mind, don’t skip out on this anime.

14. Strike The Blood

Strike The Blood is a great anime to check out if you’re looking for something new and exciting! If you’re into vampires, action-packed scenes, and blood-pumping fight scenes, then Strike the Blood will provide what you need.

This anime has a ton of great characters too and with the fifth season just on the horizon, I’m not the only one who agrees.

Admittedly, the story can be a bit simple sometimes, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s typically broken down into various arcs that involve our main character, Kojou Akatsuki, saving a cute girl from a supernatural villain to build up his harem. 

As a vampire (and a strong one at that), Kojou has to deal with his vampiric urges. When his urges start to take over, he typically gets a nosebleed. The Strike The Blood anime definitely leans into the ecchi genre, so if you aren’t a fan of getting a nosebleed yourself, you might want to give it a skip. 

15. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire is one of the first anime I ever saw, so I might be a little bias with its ranking on the list. Back then, I just came off a high watching some of the best anime out there and I was just checking out shows that had interesting names and box art. 

Needless to say, the levels of ecchi in this series were far more than I have ever seen before. And to be honest, that still holds true with the exception of some recently that have gone too far.

In terms of the story, there isn’t much to say. Tsukune Aono has failed all of his entrance exams, so his parents had no choice but to enroll him in a school filled with monsters to ensure he continues to get an education. 

On the way, he bumps into Moka, a vampiress and they become quick friends. The rest of the episodes progress similarly, bump into a hot monster girl, and then befriend her. 

What the show lacks in plot development, it has some of the most memorable characters in spades. It’s literally impossible to not find a waifu of one of the girls in the series. (Mizore Shirayuki gang rise up!)

Fans of fan service and panty shots should have this one at the top of their list. Those looking for a more serious relationship with a vampire should keep looking.

16. Lunar Legend Tsukihime

One day, Shiki Toono woke up in hospital with the ability to see invisible lines. He could trace any object and if the line becomes severed, its destruction was soon after.

However, he kept this power a secret from everyone except one woman: Arcueid Brunestud who has just crossed his path. A psychotic break suddenly overcomes Shiki, resulting in the mysterious woman’s death. A day later, the same woman appears, introducing herself as a vampire princess. They inevitably team up to discover the mystery of a recent string of murders around town. 

The romance between the human and the vampire is there in this anime. But there is a joke around the Lunar Legend Tsukihime fandom. “There is no Tsukihime anime.”

If you have read the manga or the visual novel, the cut content and changes in the anime will probably disappoint you. However, if you haven’t checked out the previous mediums, the anime can still be very enjoyable. 

17. Hakuouki

Hakuouki is set in 1864 and during this time Chizuru Yukimura’s father leaves her daughter and heads to Kyoto as a traveling doctor. He promises he will keep in touch with his little princess through letters, but after a few months without receiving any mail from him, she worries that something is wrong.

Chizuru disguises herself as a man and sets forth to Kyoto to find him. But along the way, she stumbles on ronin being mauled by an inhuman man. 

She is forced to hide and in a turn of events gets rescued by the Shinsengumi, who possess vampire-like abilities. 

If you are into Japanese history or period pieces with a reverse harem, Hakuouki comes highly recommended. Hakuouki is a bit of a niche, even for the vampire romance genre in anime, but it’s clearly one of the best.

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The best anime with vampires in them are the ones that focus on romance. It’s not just about blood, it is also about love and heartbreak. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular romantic vampire anime, so you can decide which one your next binge will be! Out of all the vampire characters, which one do you think would make for the perfect date?

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