9 Facts About Komi Shouko You Won’t Be Able To Stop Talking About

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Komi Can’t Communicate ranked 1st place in the 2020 “Manga We Want To See Animated” poll, so it’s no surprise that the internet has been ablaze since they have released the anime adaptation. Its wholesome content and the way it handles anxiety disorders has charmed readers of the manga 

Komi Shouko is a first-year student at Itan Private High School, and as the title might suggest, she has trouble communicating. Lucky for her, she meets Hitohito Tadano, a boy who has just made a promise to help Komi reach her dream of meeting new friends. 

The Komi Can’t Communicate series is a romantic comedy that will keep you itching for the next episode. Fans of a slice of life anime will be all over this one and with its release on Netflix, it’ll be an easy one to watch. 

Those of you interested in learning more about Komi have come to the right place. We are going to check out some of the most important facts about Komi Shouko that make this series one of the most anticipated this season. 

1. Komi-san Is Considered The Madonna Of Their School

On the first day of school, everyone is talking about beautiful Komi Shouko is. She quickly becomes a school idol, popular with all the boys and girls.

Despite everyone wanting to get to know her, she never talks to them. Seemingly ignoring them or leaving the conversation (let alone the same room) whenever someone tries to chat with her. 

Some people get the wrong idea, thinking she is being cold or stuck up. Further perpetuating the stereotype of her being a prima-donna. Even when Tadano first encounters Komi, he thinks of her to be the Class Princess. 

In reality, a fact about Komi is that she is a very self-conscious girl, that really does want to talk to them.

2. Komi Suffers From An Extreme Social Anxiety Disorder

One of the first things you may wonder when you get started with the Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu series is why does she struggle with communicating with people?

This is because Komi-san has an extreme social anxiety disorder. 

People with social anxiety have a phobia of being watched or judged by others. This makes it extremely difficult when they become the center of attention or when trying to make friends. 

Social anxiety affects more people than we may think, and those with it will find Komi’s character very relatable. They aren’t being cold or ignoring you and the best thing we can do is to be patient and encouraging to them.

3. Komi Shouko Is Not A Mute

Komi is not a mute. She has social anxiety that makes it difficult for her to speak in front of others. Instead, she prefers to write as a form of communication with others. 

It seems that Komi is capable of speaking to herself when she thinks she is alone. 

She tries to talk to others but struggles to get out any coherent words or sentences. 

Check out this playlist compilation of all of Komi-san’s noises she makes during the 2nd episode. 

4. She Wants To Make 100 Friends

One thing you have to admire about Komi is her dream to make 100 friends. Despite being afraid to communicate with others, she still does her best to embrace life. 

She might hide from conversations, but she doesn’t hide from going to school or being around others. Komi really wants to triumph over something that has held her back for so long and realizes making friends is a step forward.

I think Tadano sees this fact about Komi as well. All the effort she makes deep down, is why he agreed to help her find 99 more friends.

5. Komi-san Likes Cats

Who doesn’t like cats? (Except dog lovers, but this isn’t about you.) 

The cat motif is very prevalent in this series. When Komi becomes startled, her hair forms into cat ears, just before she runs away like a scaredy-cat. 

She also has a collection of cat toys. We even get to see her meow in episode one.

6. She Ate Lunch Alone In Middle School

We also learn in episode one that Komi always ate lunch alone in middle school. 

Whenever people would approach her, they would seem nervous or fall to their knees praising her. Being held on a pedestal only triggered Komi’s social anxiety even more. 

So she never managed the courage to ask other students to eat lunch with her. She always isolated herself and ate alone.

7. She Is Really Smart

Despite being poor at communication, another fact about Komi is that she is an excellent student. She scored highly on all her tests. 

  • Japanese – 91
  • Math – 94
  • Science – 93
  • Social Science – 92
  • English – 99

Though, despite her high marks in English, she still has trouble speaking because of her anxiety.

8. How Old Is Komi Shouko?

Komi is 15 years old, a common age for first-year high school students in Japan.

Komi Shouko was born on December 25th, making her zodiac sign a Capricorn. She shares a Christmas birthday with other anime characters like Ikaros from “Heaven’s Lost Property”, Misa Amane from “Death Note”, and Levi Ackerman from “Attack on Titan”.

9. How tall is Komi-san?

Komi-san is 5’6” tall and 106 pounds.

At the time of writing, Komi does not have official BWH measurements.

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