14 Crazy Facts About Nagatoro

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Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro, also known as “Please Don’t Bully Me, Nagatoro-san”, finally got its anime adaptation. Many fans, myself included, were ecstatic. 

The story follows first-year Nagatoro, who bumps into her second-year senpai, finding some questionable drawings from the inspiring artist. 

What makes the show great is the perfect encapsulation of Nagatoro’s character and her relationship with her upperclassman. On the inside, she is self-conscious but keeps a tough facade. 

This extends to the way she interacts with senpai as well. Nagatoro cannot understand her emotions and resorts to all sorts of pranks as a defense mechanism for how she truly feels. 

Nagatoro bullying senpai reminds me of all the childhood crushes I had during high school because that’s the type of degenerate I truly am. 

So I was more than eager to put together a big list of facts about Nagatoro, to help convert any of you naysayers to Nagatoro fandom.

1. Nagatoro Always Liked Senpai 

In the extras of the manga’s first chapter, they reveal Nagatoro was actually trying to be flirtatious when she first met senpai. But she has concerns she might have gone a little overboard. 

Which might be a little-bit of an understatement coming from her.

We can see Hayase Nagatoro frequently blushing, because of her feelings for her senpai. Quickly triggering from jealousy, embarrassment, or attraction whenever they get closer.

“Easy Love”, the opening song for Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro, is actually a love song from Nagatoro’s perspective about her Senpai. The Nagatoro theme song is even sung by Sumire Uesaka, the voice actress of miss Nagatoro herself!

2. Nagatoro Is A Sadodere, Not A Yandere

Many watchers consider Nagatoro a yandere, but that is not quite accurate. While we do see her get overprotective of senpai and even resort to violence against her friends, this is because of jealousy. 

Yanderes take pleasure in harming others who are after their crush, Nagatoro’s enjoyment only comes from hurting him. 

A sadodere (sadomasochistic  + lovey-dovey) is someone who enjoys manipulating the feelings of their love interest, usually through violence or cruelty. 

Because they lack empathy, this is the best way for them to display their affection. You can think of a sadodere as a “mean tease”. 

In the case of Nagatoro and her senpai, her being a mean tease is an understatement. The constant pranks from Nagatoro, the troublemaker, often make it difficult for her senpai to realize her true feelings.

3. She Is Very Athletic

Given Nagatoro’s energetic personality and her slender build, it is evident that she is very athletic.

Hayase is a capable swimmer recruited by the swim club. She was even given the president’s swimsuit for joining!

Some viewers of the anime initially thought that Nagatoro was black. However, this is not the case. Her skin is tanned from her participation in the swim club, which is traditional for swimmer characters in anime. 

4. Nagatoro Was Friends With The Cool Kids Clique, Before Starting High School

Who are Nagatoro’s Friends?

  • Maki Gamou
  • Yoshi 
  • Sakura 

Maki Gamou lived in the same apartment building as Yoshi growing up, which is why they have such a strong friendship. Maki’s father owns the GAMOU Fighting Gym, of which those two attended.

In her early years, Nagatoro trained in martial arts at this same fighting gym, which is where she quickly befriended Gamou-chan and Yoshi.

Once they started Kazehaya High School, all three of them were placed into class 1-C. Where they finally met Sakura and quickly formed a ‘cool kids’ clique.

5. Nagatoro Has Strange Tastes

Nagatoro’s favorite foods are curry, tomato juice, pudding, and ramen, but the food she hates most is umeboshi. 

She loves the flavors of pollack roe and spicy foods. So much so that she even likes it on ice cream. 

Nagatoro enjoys cooking, but her actual skills are debatable. Her friends often mock her, because of her weird tastes and playing with her food. 

I guess senpai isn’t the only thing she enjoys playing with.

6. Her Uniform Changes Throughout the Seasons

Nagatoro has worn many outfits throughout the anime. One interesting change is that her uniform actually changes to match the seasons. 

Her typical school uniform is a white button-up shirt (left unbuttoned at the top), and a navy blue skirt. In the summer, she wears a short-sleeved shirt in her uniform. During the winter, she wears a brown sweater, stockings, and occasionally a blue blazer.

A nice touch that we don’t always get to see during some anime series.

Though our favorite Nagatoro outfits have to be between her swimsuit and Toro Cat.

7. She Loves Horror Movies

In episode 2, Nagatori confesses her love for horror movies. She even asks senpai if he’s seen the vampire movie that was on TV. 

Nagatoro was all too eager to test out her theory that a vampire could tell if someone was a virgin or not.

You know when Nagatoro’s canine teeth come out; you are in for more than just a little nibble.

8. She Likes The Summer Festival 

Nagatoro used to attend the summer festival with her parents growing up. Now that she is older, she downplayed how much she wanted to go when she had swim club activities.

Nagatoro really wanted to be invited by senpai to go, but he ultimately decided against it. Luckily, they still ended up meeting near the end to attend the fireworks.

And lucky for us, we might get to see them wear matching yukatas for next year’s festival.

9. Nagatoro Was A Bed Wetter

In chapter 62 of the manga, they reveal she would wet her bed until the age of 7. 

We often see Nagatoro being insecure, despite her being tough on the outside. This is in line with her character, as bedwetting is commonly associated with children that have low self-esteem.

10. She Hates Shoes

Nagatoro prefers going barefoot, frequently taking the opportunity to do so when she can. This is because she doesn’t like to wear shoes, and she almost never wears socks.

11. What is Nagatoro’s Senpai’s Name?

Nagatoro’s senpai’s name is Naoto Hachioji. The typical introvert nerd, that is a second-year and an aspiring artist. 

Throughout most of the manga, senpai’s name is actually unknown, with Nagatoro preferring to just call him senpai. 

All of Nagatoro’s friends also stick with using nicknames instead of his real name. For Gamo-chan he is “Paisen”, for Yoshi he is called “Sense” and Sakura calls him “Senpai-kun”.

12. What Does Nagatoro’s Name Mean?

She explains to senpai that the first kanji of Nagatoro means “long” (長, naga), and that the second is (瀞, toro), which doesn’t mean anything. 

Her first name, Hayase, is revealed to mean waterfall, composed by the kanji for “already, now” and “shallows”. 

Gomu-chan and Yoshi typically refer to her by her nickname, Hayatchi, which is translated as “little Haya”

The cat version of Nagatoro was originally called Nekotoro, but is later changed to Toro-cat.

My favorite, along with many other fans, is Noodletoro. A nickname that was given whenever Nagatoro is drawn with squiggly noodle arms when she bullies senpai.

13. How Old is Nagatoro?

Hayase Nagatoro is 15 years old. 

She was born on April 1st, and her zodiac sign is an Aries. With April 1st notoriously being associated with April Fool’s day, we can say this is more than appropriate.

April 1st is actually a very common birthday for anime characters because of the holiday. Usopp from One Piece, Subaru from Re:Zero, and Misty from Pokemon, all share the same birthday.

April is also the cutoff date for determining a student’s year level in Japan, making Nagatoro the youngest character attending Kazehaya High School.

14. What Are Nagatoro’s Measurements?

Nagatoro is short in stature, about 4’11” while her senpai stands at 5’9”. She is the shortest member of her friend group. 

She also seems to be self-conscious about her size, especially with her breast size. Her official measurements are 76-56-82. She actually is anything but flat, having a pretty average bust size. 

However, when you compare that to her well-endowed friends, you could see why she might be a little jealous.

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