8 amazing facts you never knew about One Piece

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One Piece is the predecessor of modern anime. The popular series has been beloved by fans for over 2 decades. It strengthened its foothold in the industry after the long period of stagnation, ending in the 1990s, after which anime stopped ambling and started performing well at a global level.

Written by Eiichiro Oda, the manga has sold about 470 million copies to date. The series has over 80 volumes and 850 chapters with the ability to continue on is a statement by itself. This shows the level of emotional respect and yearning that the show has amassed for itself. Today, we have bundled 8 amazing facts about One Piece. Each one will leave you astounded and wanting more. Beware: this may contain spoilers, so dash forward at your own discretion.

Zoro has two names

One thing may have missed your keen eye in the One Piece manga. Zoro has also been referred to as Zolo. This was no typo. They did this to avoid copyright issues.

The name bore resemblance to the fictional swordsman Don Diego de La Vega. Created by American pulp writer Johnston McCulley, who first appeared in the Argosy with the alias Zorro. To avoid any copyright issues; Viz Media addresses the swordsman as Roronoa Zolo.

That being said, the Funimation dub still addresses him as Roronoa Zoro.

Why Is Nami Obsessed With Money?

One Piece depicts Nami, who often behaves as the captain of Straw Hat Pirates (more than Luffy) with an uncanny obsession with money. There is a deep reason behind this which lies in Nami’s dark past in Cocoyashi village.

Nami wanted to free her village from the grasp of Arlong Park, but she needed money for this. So she arrived at a decision that she was going to steal from pirates like she stole the Going Merry from Luffy and his gang. Luffy saved her from the tyrannical fisherman Arlong, but she still has an unnatural obsession with money.

The Name of Sanji

I’ll let you in on another lesser-known One Piece fact. Sanji’s name was supposed to be Naruto. The author abandoned this naming idea to avoid any complications.

Eiichiro Oda did it because the author of Naruto, the beloved Ninja with dreams to be the next Hokage, had already started publishing. The One Piece author felt it best to drop the idea to avoid any unnecessary legal challenges in the future.

One Piece seems to have quite a few copyright-related problems because of the sheer number of characters in the show. According to the author makes naming convulsing for his mind.

Big Mom is a Cannibal

In the One Piece manga, Big Mom or Charlotte Linlin ate the entirety of her family. Including her adopted mother. In fact, it was the adopted mother of Big mom that held the ability of the Devil Fruit, which was passed down to Big Mom when she cannibalized her.

Oda did not want to direct the attention of his audience too much to this tragedy caused by the anti-racism Empress. Hence why he gave it a brief mention in the manga which left fans speculating about what will happen when she gets a bit too angry with Luffy.

The Heart of Luffy is Pure

When the three-way crossover between Dragon Ball and One Piece took place in 2013, they showed Luffy was riding a nimbus cloud.

From the information gleaned from the Dragon Ball series, it is said that only someone with a pure heart like Goku can ride a nimbus cloud.

This further clarifies that Luffy’s heart is pure with no trace of malice. Although this became rather obvious to anyone who has watched the approximately 900 episodes of the One Piece series. This only serves as a sort of concrete proof of this statement.

The Corrida Colosseum

The Corrida Colosseum in Dressrosa is actually a replication of the Colosseum in Rome. The place where gladiators fought for the amusement of nobles and ordinary people. As described by Cavendish, that place is extremely brutal.

The only weapons not allowed in Corrida Colosseum are firearms and the participants can only wear a limited amount of armor. This is because the audience wants to see blood and gore. Not chivalry.

Falling in the water means losing, but even then, the battered warriors will not be safe. Because little fighting fish are waiting to attack from the water.

The author created such a brutal Colosseum despite the hellish conditions endured by the Roman gladiators in the past.

Vander Decken IX

Vander Decken is the captain of the Flying Pirates. He also is the only fish-man in the One Piece World who is a Devil Fruit user. Thus making him the only fish-man who cannot swim as Devil Fruit users feel weak underwater.

Many believe that his character and the crew of his ship are like the ghost ship Flying Dutchman whose Captain could never step onto land. This legend originated in the Seventeenth century during the Golden Age of the Dutch East India Company when Dutch maritime power was at its peak.

The Golden Giant Pica

Every die-hard fan of One Piece knows the name of the Golden Giant. But very few know they based the character of Pica on a Greek demigod. In fact, his greatest skill, which makes him invincible on the ground, is actually a copy of the Greek half-giant Antaeus who was the son of Poseidon.

Both Pica and Antaeus are invincible on the ground. Feared by the Berberas as Anti, Antaeus is the son of the god of sea Poseidon and the Earth Goddess Gaia, known for his impressive strength and his ability with a spear.


The collection of these facts from various sources was quite a fun challenge. In the end, it is quite satisfying to deliver these amazing facts about our favorite anime One Piece to the eager audience. As a parting gift, let me highlight all the points once more for you:

  • Zoro has two names due to copyright issues. 
  • Nami’s obsession with money is linked to her past. 
  • Sanji was originally going to be called Naruto. 
  • Big Mom Charlotte is actually a cannibal.
  • Dragon Ball proves that the heart of Luffy is pure.
  • The Corrida Colosseum is based on the Roman Colosseum.
  • Vander Decker is a fish-man who cannot swim.
  • Pica was inspired by a half-giant from Greek Mythology.

Well, for my avid readers, I have described all the points one more time for those that like a quick list. Now it is time for me to leave folks, so share and spread the news about this article!

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