Is Black Clover Worth Your Watch?

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People hold a strong prejudice for certain types of media. If one person says that they don’t like something, it can easily start an avalanche, gathering more and more haters for any kind of piece of work, idea, or material value.

While it’s true that the more individuals say that a thing is bad, it should make you exercise additional caution. But unreasonable hate can grow overboard.

Most hate for Black Clover comes from many reasons that are no longer viable. Whenever a person brings up Black Clover in a conversation, the first reaction is that you shouldn’t watch that garbage. Why is this dislike still growing for Black Clover, you may ask? In reality, the few arguments against it shouldn’t hold you back.

Is It Just Another Shonen Clone?

When the series first started airing in 2017, everyone jumped on the hype train to criticize Black Clover for being a “copy” of many well-known Shonen. It certainly picked up elements from other anime in that genre, like Naruto and Bleach. But that doesn’t make it a clone.

Low Quality Animation

The weak quality of the animation is often targeted. I would agree that this is a fair criticism of the show. Don’t get me wrong, Black Clover has some beautiful scenes. But on average the animation continues to be one of the weakest points for Black Clover. Considering that the studio had to release a new episode per week while working on other projects, it’s understandable.

The style was so much like Digimon, an anime I had deep connections with from my childhood. Also, the promise of the Reincarnation Arc was something that got me hyped!

The Saving Grace: Plot

The poor pacing of the story was something that a few could not endure. The first arc was undeniably boring as hell. I could only survive those episodes with the help of Chinese food and energy drinks. But I just knew I had to keep going. 

As we passed the 30th episode, the story took a massive turn. We started seeing the main villains. Now everything that happened on the screen was part of a big plan.

It was so mysterious that none of the characters in Black Clover could understand. The devil corrupted the world. All elves sought revenge, and the humans wanted to protect their lives. All playing into the hands of the otherworldly being. 

This evil was Zagred, the principal antagonist of the first saga. He drew out the worst of every race, set up traps they walked into and turned the peace into war. 

Zagred did all this to get back his physical body, and to lay destruction on the planet once again. He owned the strongest ability: Word Magic. Everything he said become reality. Such a terrifying enemy struck fear into the Black Clover characters and viewers alike.

Defeating this beast took up everything from our heroes. In the end, it was worth it, as we learned the deep and exciting lore of the world. But what came after that? More devils! 

They are all working to escape the underworld, and the day when they will appear is closer and closer. Some are already here.

I don’t understand how someone could not like this fantastic story. The wave of emotions and character development happened to not only main characters but also secondary. All those insane fights were incredible.  

Fantastic OSTs

Hold up! I haven’t even mentioned the best part of Black Clover other than the villains: the score. Music is such a big factor that can make a TV series or movie a true blessing. 

Black Clover has some very pumpy and epic, almost orchestral OSTs. It also can claim the title of having the best openings! Haruka Mirai, Black Rover, Guess Who is Back, Black Catcher, and Grandeur are more or less immaculate pieces! 

Not only wonderful music from start to finish, but the visuals always tell a different story. One that foreshadows, yet still keeps back spoilers.

“Gravel may be gravel, but me? I’m gravel that shatters diamonds!” – Asta.

Is Black Clover Worth Your Watch? Hell Yeah, it is.

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