HoriMiya Review – How the anime about close-knit couples completely unravels by the end.

Horimiya is the story of Hori-san to Miyamura-kun. Which is an animation adapted from a self-published four-edition manga that ended in 2011. Ratings-wise, this show did not disappoint.  Kyoko x Miyamura Kyoko Hori is a high school girl who perfectly combines beauty and wisdom. All her classmates at Katagiri High School can’t stop paying attention … Read more

Best Anime Memes from 2018

Memes are an integral part of life. They provide much-needed humor in our lives. The same can be said for anime. So when the two come together, it’s a magical experience. It’s sort of like when you combine pineapples and pizza, except it doesn’t suck. Pizza toppings aside, check out the Best Anime Memes from … Read more

17+ Anime Girls that go Mask Off (but with the Mask On)

Masks are one of the most iconic accessories in anime. They add an extra layer of mystery to some of the already most complex characters. They are often used to conceal someone’s identity. But they can also strike fear into the hearts of others. Chances are, you are already thinking of a list of characters … Read more

5 Facts Fans May Not Know About Cowboy Bebop

If there is one anime that single-handedly spread its influence in the western media, it has to be Cowboy Bebop. The show was released at a critical time, just when anime had begun to popularize across the world.  In fact, it could be the very reason why you’re into anime. Even with a short runtime … Read more