Pokemon Unite Held Item Guide [Plus Tier List for Climbing to Masters]

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Yukiko Tanaka

I’ve been playing Pokemon Unite nonstop and it has been a blast. I finally hit Master Tier and I started reflecting on some of the most important aspects. Without a doubt, the best way to up your game is to check out this Pokemon Unite Held Item guide.

Pokemon Unite is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena and like most MOBAs, it has items that can be obtained and used in a match. These items provide some time of boon to your character- granting you bonus stats or giving you an additional ability. 

Pokemon Unite Held Items

Item Name Picture Effect (1 / 10 / 20 Item Rank) Max Boosts
Aeos Cookie When you score a goal, your maximum HP (100 / 150 / 200) is raised for the rest of the match. (This bonus caps at 6 stacks) HP +240
Assault Vest Gain a shield (9% / 12% / 15% of HP) against Sp. Attack damage while out of combat. (8s after leaving combat) HP +270
Sp. Defense +42
Attack Weight When you score a goal, your Attack is raised by (6/ 9/ 12) for the rest of the match. (This bonus caps at 6 stacks) Attack +18
Buddy Barrier Grant a shield (20% / 30% / 40% of HP) to you and a nearby ally Pokémon with the lowest HP when using your Unite Move. (5s duration) HP +600
Energy Amplifier After using your Unite move, deal increased (7% / 14% / 21%) damage for a short time. (4s duration) Energy Gather Rate +6%
CD Reduction +4.5%
Exp Share Increases the Pokémon's Passive Experience Point gain (2 / 3 / 4 experience per second) while it has the fewest Exp. Points on its team. In addition, when a nearby teammate defeats a wild Pokémon that teammate gains slightly more Exp. Points. HP +240
Speed +150
Float Stone Increases movement speed (10% / 15%/ 20%) while out of combat. (8s after leaving combat) Attack +24
Speed +120
Focus Band When dropping to low HP, recover HP lost (8% / 11% / 14%) each second for 3s. (90s cooldown) Sp. Defense +30
Defense +30
Leftovers Recovers health over time (1% / 1.50% / 2% of max HP per second) while out of combat. (8s after leaving combat) HP +240
HP Recovery +9
Muscle Band Deal additional damage (1% / 2% / 3%) with basic attacks based on the target's remaining HP. Attack +15
Attack Speed +7.5%
Rocky Helmet After absorbing enough damage, deal (3% / 4% / 5%) percent damage based on your max HP to nearby opponents. (2s cooldown - 10% HP damage trigger in a single attack) HP +240
Defense +42
Scope Lens Increases the damage of basic attack critical hits. The higher your Attack, the more the damage (45% / 60% / 75% of attack) is increased. (1s cooldown) Critical-Hit Chance +6%
Critical-Hit Damage +12%
Score Shield Shields you (5% / 7.5% / 10% of HP) while you attempt to score a goal. Scoring cannot be interrupted while the shield remains active. (6s cooldown) HP +450
Shell Bell Recover (40 / 60 / 75 minimum HP) HP when successfully landing a move. The higher your Sp. Attack, the more HP recovered. (10s Cooldown) Sp. Attack +24
CD Reduction +4.5%
Special Attack Specs When you score a goal, your Sp. Attack is raised (8 / 12 / 16) for the rest of the match. (This bonus caps at 6 stacks) Sp. Attack +24
Wise Glasses Further increase Sp. Attack damage by (3% / 5% / 7%). Sp. Attack +39

What are Held Items?

Held items are the ones that give bonus stats and are actually purchased ahead of starting the match. These items can be upgraded to further increase the bonus stats that they give. The materials used to upgrade them are called Item Enhancers

Item Enhancers can also be purchased from the shop by Aeos Tickets. As you increase your trainer level, you will gain Aeos Tickets and Item Enhancers just by playing the game. But it will take a lot of Item Enhancers just to fully upgrade a held item.

The controversy is that you can buy Aeos Tickets with Aeos Gems, a real-life currency. People will say that this is Pay-To-Win, because you can use real-life money to get an advantage over a player that doesn’t spend money. 

You can argue that it is not an inherent advantage because the items are obtainable just by playing the game. But the rate at which you gain Aeos Tickets and Item Enhancers are heavily gated for Free-To-Play players. 

Don’t get discouraged! There are many different aspects to the game where a good player can easily outshine someone who paid to have the upgraded items early. I personally haven’t spent any real-life currency on Aeos Gems to upgrade my items, and I was able to hit Master’s tier.

There are also plenty of players with a similar story. And the whole point of creating this Pokemon Unite Held Item guide is to give you the best insight on which held items you should focus on.

How To Rank Up Held Items?

The next question you should be asking is how many Item Enhancers is it going to take to max out a Held Item. At the start, it only takes a few enhancers to rank up. From Rank 1 to Rank 2 it’s only 3 Item Enhancers. 

But the amount needed goes up as the held item increases in rank. By the time you get to rank 29, it takes 300 Item Enhancers to get to rank 30. In total, it takes 2,587 Item Enhancers to go from rank 1 to rank 30!

It takes 10 Aeos Tickets for a single Item Enhancer. That means you would need 25,870 Aeos tickets to max just one of your held items. 

You can also buy 10 Aeos Tickets for 1 Aeos Gem, the premium currency that costs real money. It’s about 72 gems per $1.00 USD. So to fully upgrade a held item, it would cost you about $36.00 dollars.

The game has 16 different held items at current writing, so if you don’t want to drop $575.00 to upgrade them all, you need to decide which ones to rank up first. Since you can only use 3 held items at a time, it’s best to focus on the ones you will use the most.

Which Held Items To Rank Up First

I would recommend first choosing a role that you want to main. Whether it is an attacker, defender, or support– and focus on upgrading those core held items to rank 20. You’ll want to stop at 20 for now, because that is the final tier for a big boost in the held items power. 

Most items do not get a significant bonus, after rank 21. There are a few exceptions, with Buddy Barrier and Muscle Band, both scaling very well all the way to rank 30. Because of this, it makes both of those items some of the best in the game. This is what the Pokemon Unite Held Item guide is all about!

Held Items Per Role

Role Pokemon Held Items Item Picture
Physical Attacker Muscle Band, Scope Lens, and Float Stone
Special Attacker Wise Glasses, Shell Bell, and Buddy Barrier
Defender Buddy Barrier, Focus Band, and Assualt Vest
Support Buddy Barrier, Exp Share, and Focus Band

Some Pokemon are better with different held items, even if they fall into one of these roles. I still recommend using the ones on the list above, so that you have a variety of Pokemon you can play with and still have effective held items. But if you plan to only main one Pokemon, you should use whatever you like best. 

Once you have your core held items leveled up, then I recommend getting the other roles’ items to increase to rank 10 at least. That way if you need to play another role, you can still have some much-needed bonuses. From there, if you are using Buddy Barrier or Muscle Band, I suggest getting those to 30- if not, go ahead and get the items you use to 20. 

Rank 1 Player’s Tier List

The current rank 1 player already created a tier list of held items for each individual Pokemon. So if you are still unsure which to grab, check out his list!

Why Are Some Held Items Not Recommended?

You’ve probably started to notice a theme with the recommended items. Some of the held items show up on almost every list, while other held items are nowhere to be found. 

For example, many inexperienced players will recommend using the item Rocky Helmet on a defender. Not only does it give HP and Defense, but it also reflects damage back to the attacker. That sounds amazing, why wouldn’t you use that?

The reason why you don’t use it is that it has a few hidden conditions that aren’t listed on the item in-game. First, to trigger the effect they have to 10% of your HP in a single attack. 

If you are a defender with a bunch of defense, chances are you won’t be taking over 10% per attack. Not only that, it also has a 2-second cooldown. Fights usually tend to be quick skirmishes, so it won’t proc but a few items during combat and you don’t really have a way to control it. 

In almost all competitive games, consistency is king. The best held items are going to be the ones that you can depend on. 

 This is also why you don’t see any of the held items that give bonus stats when you score a goal. Not only are their bonuses capped at 6 stacks, but you can’t guarantee you will ever score 6 goals in a single match.

On my climb to Masters rank, the most noticeable held item had to be Score Shield. I personally think that item is a sleeper on how good it is. At rank 20 it gives you a 10% hp shield whenever you attempt to score a goal (6s cooldown). Not only that but you can’t be interrupted when the shield is active. 

As you go up in rank, the amount of scored points on either side is much less. This is because teams are generally better at knowing how to guard and protect their goals. So if you have an item that lets you forcefully dunk on your opponents, it can win games. 

Our Tier List For Climbing: 

Since most roles can get some usage out of Buddy Barrier, that would be my suggestion to pick up first. If you are playing support, don’t bother with Exp Share until you get it to rank 20. You need the higher XP per second to stay relevant. Score Shield is great at higher ranks of play, but you will need to slightly adjust your gameplay to master it.

Tell Us Your Favorite Held Item!

The most important thing to remember is that Pokemon Unite is a game. Games should be fun! You don’t have to use the “best” items just because the internet said so. You should use the items you like to use. 

If you are looking for more Pokemon Unite fun outside Remoat Stadium, why not check out The Best Pokemon Unite Memes So Far. I hope you enjoyed our Pokemon Unite Held Item guide. Let us know which items are your favorite and best of luck in your games!

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