The Best Pokemon Unite Memes So Far

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Yukiko Tanaka

Pokemon Unite is one of the newest and hottest games on the Nintendo Switch right now. It is free-to-play and gives us the chance to play as some of our favorite Pokemon. But it’s also given us something even better, memes. Here are some of the greatest Pokemon Unite memes on the internet.

A Game Like No Other

Pokemon Unite is not like some of the other Pokemon games we might be more familiar with. This one is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). You pick your Pokemon, and with a team of 4 of your friends, you go up against an opposing squad of 5. 

You fight other Pokemon to gain experience and to collect points. You then try to score a goal with those points. But the other team is there to block you from scoring those points, while also trying to score goals of their own.

Many of the elements from the original Pokemon games are here. Such as evolving and learning new moves, as they gain experience. Yet, there are some differences. For example, there is no type-advantage in Pokemon Unite

Some call Pokemon Unite a casual MOBA. At 10 minutes a game, it is a lot less short than the popular League of Legends. In LoL, game matches usually range between 30 to 45 minutes. 

People claim it is less competitive because the score doesn’t show up during the match. So it can be difficult to know which team is in the lead, until the very end. 

Personally, I think this is a fun mechanic. It really keeps you on edge until the last moment. Well, at least the two-minute mark, for when Zapdos spawns for the true game-deciding play.

Zapdos Is All You Need

Pokemon Unite is a game all about scoring more points than the other team. There are many objectives that can help give your team the advantage. However, no such objective is as powerful as Zapdos. Killing the legendary electric bird enables instantaneous scoring for 30 seconds. 

Not only that, but the last two minutes also give double points for scoring. Both these factors mean a losing team can quickly pull out ahead if they secure the central objective Zapdos.

It really is true that Zapdos is just that strong. Close games can quickly spiral out of control, just by killing Zapdos. Many endgame score graphs totally look like the Pokemon Unite meme below.

Unfortunately, securing the kill on Zapdos isn’t always guaranteed for your team. If you played Pokemon Unite for a few matches, you know just how hard it can be to get your team to rotate to objectives.

Yet it seems like the enemy team always works like a well-oiled machine. When they go straight for Zapdos and score 5 goals against your team, it would make anyone cry.

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Pay ‘Em

Pay to Win, is the dreaded phrase all competitive gamers hate to hear. It’s undeniable that spending money on this game can get you quicker access to stronger items. Pokemon Unite has held items that you can upgrade outside of the match. These held items can give bonuses to damage, health, and other attributes inside the battle.

To upgrade these held items you spend Item Enhancer tokens. Item Enhancer tokens can be purchased with Aeos tickets, a currency that is purchasable with real-life money.

While Aeos tickets can be used on fashion items, those are only cosmetic. If you want a power boost to help climb ranked matches, the best use of Aeos tickets is the Item Enhancer tokens. Just as depicted by this Pokemon Unite meme.

Pokemon Unite also has Loot Boxes. By winning matches, you are able to process energy. This becomes Aoes energy can be redeemed in increments of 100 for a random item. 

This is currently the only place to get the Pilot Style: Talonflame skin. But at a .05% chance, you are more likely to get one of the other items, mostly clothes. With so many socks in the fashion pool, it’s one of the more common items you get.

Go Beyond! Plus Unite!

There are some great moments in Pokemon Unite. It is an extremely fun game to play. It’s just so satisfying to play some of your favorite Pokemon and outplaying the enemy team.

Check out this Machamp Meme. 

Don’t miss out on this epic Charizard moment. 

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that Pokemon Unite is a game. You should be enjoying the time when you play. It’s always better when you have fun with your friends… and with your enemies.

Be sure to drop a comment below and let us know your favorite Pokemon Unite meme!

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