Demon Slayer: Overrated Or MasterPiece?

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Demon Slayer has been the talk of the town for a long time now. Fans have been in complete awe after finishing the first season of this anime when we were greeted with Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

It has created a worldwide uproar and has been slaying records everywhere it was released. Such was its crazy popularity that it made a revenue of $6.4 million in the US. It then went on to become the highest-grossing film ever in the box office film history of Japan. 

So, what are the points that make it so special? What about it lets it stand out among the vast sea of anime that gets released every season? Let us quickly take a look at some of these aspects.


As the name suggests the story of this anime is essentially about slaying demons and protecting normal people. The protagonist of this story is Tanjirou Kamado who returns home one day. Only to find that his whole family has been slaughtered by a demon.

Unfortunately, that’s not all. His sister has also turned into a demon. Thus begins his journey of joining the Demon Slayer Corps. In hopes to find out the main culprit behind his family’s mass murder and take his revenge on him. 


The Demon Slayer characters all have unique personalities that separate them from each other. The main focus is on the members of the Demon Slayer Corps who have all ended up in it due to one reason or the other. 

The most heartwarming part of the story is that each of the characters has its own backstory. They all are trying to leave their past behind while experiencing major character development in the process. 

Another point that makes Demon Slayer stand out is the fact that the demons in this series also have heart-wrenching stories of their past. They really make us want to sympathize with them.


Ufotable Studio has done a brilliant job in producing such a visually stunning animation. It truly has been the highlight of this particular anime. 

Even people who don’t usually watch anime have given Demon Slayer a try solely due to this fact. The aesthetically pleasing visuals and the mind-blowing transitions have been a major contributor to this series’ rise to the top.

Is Animation The Only Reason For Its Popularity?

After the huge success of Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, it faced a huge backlash. This came from one section of the anime fans who tried spreading the idea that the only reason Demon Slayer became so popular was due to its animation. 

This accusation was quickly drowned by logical arguments. Although its major attraction is undoubtedly the animation. It has other aspects like its deep, engaging storytelling and end-to-end fights which also helped in growing its fanbase.

What To Expect With Season 2?

Demon Slayer has recently released their visuals for season 2 of the anime that will be based on the Entertainment Arc of the manga. 

The manga for Demon Slayer has already ended and the fans know that they have every reason to get excited in anticipation of the new season. They can expect even better fights and jaw-dropping twists which are sure to take its popularity to an even greater level. 

Although the new season is expected to release later this year, there still hasn’t been any official confirmation on the exact release date.


In our view, Demon Slayer gets a solid 10/10 and rightly so. It rarely happens that any anime gets such a brilliant reception all over the world who agree without the least bit of doubt that it has been a huge success. The fact that it could dethrone Spirited Away to take the number one spot further speaks of its rapid rise to the top.

Personally, I still think Spirited Away is the superior film. It’s a classic. Let us know in the comments if you agree, or if you think the numbers don’t lie. And Demon Slayer is the top anime film of all time.

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