12 Orphans That Really Led The Charge In Anime

The personality of anime characters depends a lot on their childhood and how they are brought up. It will define their entire future and if they will turn good or evil. Similarly, we have seen many orphan characters whose personalities have been shaped based on the treatment they have received from those who raised them. … Read more

Top 23+ Mysterious Anime Boys with White Hair and Red Eyes

Traditionally, we associate white hair with old age and the wisdom that comes from it. Red eyes, of course, would represent evil or demonic forces. But in anime, this combination can mean so much more. Anime boys with white hair and red eyes are often the most mysterious.  They can range from cold intellectuals to … Read more

The Beauty of Isabella’s Lullaby

If you have watched The Promised Neverland, also known as Yakusoku no Neverland in Japanese. Then you know what I’m talking about.  The OSTs in this anime speak volumes without ever uttering a single word. They are always able to send chills running down our spines.The Promised Neverland is an extremely popular show from 2019. … Read more