Human Music [Carole & Tuesday Review]

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Carole & Tuesday is an anime about producing and publishing music. The show takes a unique approach towards the genre of music. It shows us a world in which music has lost most of its value. 

Music used to be an art created by humans. It portrays a world in which numbers and algorithms produce the best type of music.

This is where our two protagonists come in! Both of these girls are determined to change the world with their music

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at Carole & Tuesday from a musical perspective. Before we get started, let’s discuss the plot of this anime.

Plot Teaser

The story of Carole & Tuesday takes place in a world in which Mars has become inhabitable. Many humans have started to live on this new and fascinating planet. 

The lives of people are made easier thanks to the advanced AI in this world.

Carole is a high-spirited girl that lives in Alba City. She works part-time in the day and plays her keyboard whenever she is free. 

Meanwhile, Tuesday is a girl that belongs to an extremely wealthy family. But she decides to run away from her home to pursue her dream of becoming a musician.

When the two of them saw each other for the first time, they immediately built a connection. They decided to go against this powerful world of AI singers without a second thought.

The plot of this anime sounds absolutely fascinating to every single musician. Carole & Tuesday is an anime that beautifully portrays the story of two determined souls.

Music in Carole & Tuesday

With a new song (or songs) getting introduced in every single episode. We can easily say that music is an integral part of Carole & Tuesday

We get to see the journey of these two music lovers who are on a quest to become a global sensation.

One thing that I disliked about the journey of these two girls is that its portrayal was a bit bland. The show failed to tell us about the hardships in the life of a musician. 

While it is true that Carole and Tuesday both faced their fair share of failures. Yet the journey was ultimately simplified. With an amazing plot like it has, the show could have become a masterpiece if it focused more on the musical aspect.

That being said, the anime still gave us some of the best music ever! Each episode introduces us to a brand-new track. That is usually connected to the story itself. 

The opening and ending themes of Carole and Tuesday are also pretty good. But they don’t really stand out as much as the songs in the anime itself. 

My favorite track from the entire series would have to be Round & Laundry. It beautifully shows us just how fun and attractive the world of music can be, despite all the hardships.


Carole & Tuesday is an awesome show. But it is not something that has been specifically aimed towards musicians. This anime caters to all types of audiences. You don’t have to be experienced with instruments or sound theory to enjoy it.

It shows us the character developments of the two main characters. As they try to make a name for themselves in an overwhelming world. If you haven’t seen Carole & Tuesday yet, you should go check it out. Then let us know which episode has the best song.

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